HI, I'm Christina and I am the founder of Memore Bakery (Mindful in Italian) and Mindful Cupcakes.

Full of life, great food, and old traditions, growing up in an Italian family is anything but boring.  My Sicilian Grandmother was always cooking up a storm and passed that trait down to her daughters.  My mom still cooks enough food for an army every time we have a meal and our holiday gatherings are overflowing with the delicious aromas of our family recipes. 


When I was 20 I discovered that I had food allergies, Gluten being the main one, then realizing sugar, dairy, and even grains did not work for me.  Being the determined (well stubborn) soul that I am, I decided to get in the kitchen and figure out how to make my favorite foods! It took about 5 years of experimenting but I developed cupcakes and cake that actually taste just like the real thing!  I have since created more of our Traditional Italian family favorites and I am so excited to offer these baked goods from my family to yours.

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